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Paint Correction /
Wet Sand & Buff

Dying 2 Shine’s roots come from the auto body industry. Working with a variety of paints for many years has led to our extensive knowledge and experience which make it possible for us to remove or correct problem areas on your vehicle without creating new ones. We strive to give you that flawless look.

Wet Sand & Buff

Paint Correction

Paint Correction

Interior Detailing

Exterior Detailing

Interior / Exterior
Vehicle Detailing

Deep interior cleaning, engine bay detailing, coatings, and more for regular commuters, show cars, recreational vehicles, and boats. We do it all. There is no job too big or small.

Autobody &
Custom Shops

Need an experienced, reliable hand around the shop?  We’re here to help.

Custom Shop

Body Shop

Give your ride the shine it’s dying for…

No high pressure sales here – just a friendly, thorough conversation to learn how we can help and how much it will cost.